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Agitated Radio Pilot

Irish songwriter Agitated Radio Pilot playing original music at the 2007 midland songwriter showcase

Agitated Radio Pilot is just one of David Colohan's many musical projects.

A quick look at his website reveals that this songwriter has produced no less than 10 albums exploring different styles of music.

Dave is releasing his first full-length project as Agitated Radio Pilot right around the time he'll be appearing on the stage. We rang Dave recently and what follows are some snippets from his 5 minute interview (the full interview is below in mp3 format).

Originally from: Ballymahon, County Longford

What's in a name?: When I started off playing, I was really into Sebado. They brought out an album and it was reviewed and all of the song titles that were mentioned in the review were subsequently changed. So, that was title of a song that they didn't end up using. So I took it and then met them at a gig and asked them if I could use it and they said, "sure." So that's where it comes from.

What differentiates A.R.P. from your other projects: This one is much more personal. The songs would be less vague, much more about me or my thing. It's kind of generally half and half songs and then soundscapes as well, kind of always veering between the two.

What inspires you to write: Love, loss and landscapes without and within are the core of Agitated Radio Pilot.

What led you originally to branch off into so many different projects: I'd kind of given up really, on collaborating with like-minded souls til I went to an improvisation workshop in Dublin and then met people who were into all of the same kinds of "different" music. Within no time we started meeting once a week. Then we set up our little label and then set up millions of different bands to suit the different kinds of music we were into - and we're still doing it. And now I can do it with people through the mail, sending CDs and people overdubbing and that kind of thing, so it's pretty worldwide now.

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