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Veronica Moran

Veronica Moran performing live at the Songwriter Live 2005 showcase

Veronica Moran, having just released her debut EP, "Beyond Broken Images," is the youngest of the Songwriters Live 2005 group. Trained as a cellist, this talented young woman also plays guitar and has had her plaintive vocal style likened to a young Sinead O'Connor.

From: Leegan, Co. Westmeath

How long playing: I've been playing guitar for about 2 years.

How long have you been writing: Since I was about 14. At first I was kind of writing stuff that didn't make much sense but I've been writing since around 15, anyway.

What Inspired you to write: I suppose just a passion for music, really. It's just so broad, there's so much that can be done and it s always something I wanted to do - to perform and like that.

Thoughts on the local scene: I think it's getting there big time, due to the goodness of people like Dave [who runs No Ego Promotions in Ballymahon], and it can really be something that can take off; the last year or so it's really begun to take off, I think.

Is it any different being female as a singer/songwriter?: I find it just as easy. There's not as much much pressure as there was, there was a whole boy/girl thing before - but there's more girl bands out there now, so there's not as much pressure.

Long-term plans: I'd love to be part of an orchestra; I'd love that. I suppose it depends now on how the whole singer-songwriting thing continues on. *laughter*

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