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Photograph of irish independant songwriter, writing music on the guitar, in Ireland

Eddie Keenan

Photo of Eddie Keenan, irish musician playing all original music at the 2004 songwriter showcase

Eddie Keenan is one of the most prolific songwriters of his generation. Melancholia and pop sensibilities wrestle fitfully thoughout his works. Eddie's haunting refrains often strike the listener so compellingly that one is under the impression that this original artist is pulling his material from an extensive and obscure back catalog of half-forgotten songs. Eddie currently plies his talents to the band My Fallen Empire, who are finishing their first album.

Originally From: Tang, Co. Longford

Currently Living in: Athlone

How long playing: maybe 8 years

What Inspired you to write: I write compulsively. Started when I was 16, inspired by the power of music. A friend asked me to play in his band but I couldn't play an instrument, so I joined anyway and learned as I went. I started writing on a guitar that only had two strings, even one sometimes, so my first songs were all written that way.

Other: Currently plays in the band My Fallen Empire who is in the process of recording their first album.

News & Events

Songwriter Night 2007

Join us on Leap Year Night 2008 (Friday, February 29th) as brings you the 5th Annual Irish Midland Songwriter Showcase featuring five new talented artists, all singing their own original music.

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Songwriters 2007 CD

Get it here! Now available in advance from, listen to the five brilliant artists who took to the stage for the 4th annual Songwriter Showcase in 2007. Recorded live on the night, the CD will be released on the Leap Year Night at the 2008 songwriter showcase . . .

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