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Deborah Jane

Debbie Finnan, irish midland songwriter showcase 2006 artist

Deborah Jane,also of Mullingar, is releasing her debut album next month. Deborah posesses a truly remarkable voice and puts it to good use in her compelling performances. Her songs are often powerful stream-of-consciousness pieces that leave the audience breathlessly entranced.



Currently Living:

Mullingar for 13 years

How did you get into writing songs?

Well, I've pretty much been singing my whole life, but I've only been playing guitar for about 4 years now. I started learning guitar because I really wanted to get into the Mullingar spotlight night and learning cover songs was really difficult, so I just wrote my own songs.

What's your biggest concern as a writer of music?

Writing comes first, then vocals, then guitar; guitar is the weakest link. I always have a melody in my head, it's not being able to do what i want on guitar that's most frustrating. My main focus is on the lyrics.

What are your plans for your music?

I've just finished my album and am going to be launching that soon as I can. I just want to get out there, get known and to not be changed. Musically, some people would have to change their music to make it, though not all are like that. I don't want to be changed.

Any thoughts on the Irish music scene?

I think it's very busy at the minute, very hard to break into. Ireland must be the best place to find a singer songwriter - there's so many out there. In that sense, it's not really the best place to try to make it as one - there are so many people around trying to do the same thing.


Deb's album, The Fortress Line, which includes her covering of Tim Buckley's Dolphins, will be released August 2006.

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