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Photograph of irish independant songwriter, writing music on the guitar, in Ireland

Mike Dempsey

Photo of Mike Dempsey irish musician playing all original music at this yearss songwriter showcase

Mike Dempsey, a native of Athlone, floats impressive vocals through sometimes gritty, sometimes angelic melody lines over an articulate, edgy acoustic guitar accompaniment. His style has sometimes been compared to Damien Rice, among other modern performers.

Originally From:


How long playing:

A long time, it's hard to say, really

How long have you been writing:

Quite a while, I suppose as long as I've been playing

Thoughts on the local scene:

There is an audience out there, it's just a matter of rooting them out. It's hard to get people to go to gigs, but it's just a matter of keep plugging away at it 'til people hear ya.

Long-term plans:

Dont' really have any - I'll just see what happens.




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Songwriter Night 2007

Join us on Leap Year Night 2008 (Friday, February 29th) as brings you the 5th Annual Irish Midland Songwriter Showcase featuring five new talented artists, all singing their own original music.

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