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Photograph of irish independant songwriter, writing music on the guitar, in Ireland

Bill Coleman

Photo of Bill Coleman, irish musician playing all original music at this yearss songwriter showcase

Bill Coleman, originally of Cork and a mainstay on the Galway and Dublin music scenes lends his voice to a medley of styles. From political commentary to love songs, his unique guitar playing and bold use of technology during his performances puts him on the cutting edge of modern Irish music.

Originally From: Cork

Currently Living in: Dublin

How long playing: if you count tin whistle lessons at 5, 20 years or so

How long have you been writing: 10 years or so, ever since I picked up a guitar.

What Inspired you to write: Whatever happens to be on my mind. I often work out what I'm writing about a good while after i read back what i've written - it's very stream of consciousness.

Any artist that influenced or inspired you: Well, I wanted to busk and play along at parties, it wasn't one thing really.

Thoughts on the local scene: There does seem to be an audience and there's loads of people releasing their own stuff, recorded on their own. But if people want to get a leg up they need to get out to the US or the UK. Ireland seems too small a venue - you're lucky enough if you're Paddy Casey. There does seem to be a lot of good music on the scene. That is, there seems more talent concentrated here than other places, but people need to get out and do their own thing. Loads of folks can make a living here playing music, but they need to spread their wings and get out there.

Long-term plans: Working on the album, hopefully release in jan or feb next year. That's the plan and that's what's taking up my time at the moment.

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