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Songwriters 2005 CD

Cd Cover of the Ireland Songwriter's 2005 Live recording of all original music

The Second Annual Songwriter Showcase

Recorded Live. 26 May, 2005 in the Palace Loft, Athlone

All music starts with someone sitting down to write a song. Sometimes, after the song has been sold to the music industry and emerges on the radio with Carlos Santana, former members of Destiny's Child and the London Philharmonic Orchestra performing on it, it loses a bit of its original meaning.

In Ireland, writers of songs have always captured the feelings of regular folk and had a remarkable way of weaving that into story and song. Anyone knows that hearing a favourite song is a great feeling - music can console, excite and unearth vivid memories of the past. To celebrate the Irish tradition of songwriting, some local songwriters in Athlone put their heads together in 2004 and set up a night where songwriters could share new material in an intimate showcase of talent. The night went brilliantly, a live CD of the evening was released and the next year it all happened again.

Songwriters 2005, the second live Midland Songwriter concert CD is now available! The release night will be at The Shack on Friday, February 10th at 9pm and CDs will be on sale for just 10 euro! Samples from this and last year's CD along with more information about the artists and the Midland Songwriter Showcase can be found on the event's website at

If you were there, you remember how brilliant this last Songwriter Night was.If you weren't, get yourself a CD and a pair of headphones to experience the next best thing: Bill Coleman, Mike Dempsey, Catherine Finerty, Veronica Moran and Barry Walls putting on an incredible show of their original material. The Songwriters 2005 CD captures these up and coming young songwriters at their raw, live best.

Barry Walls kicked the night off to a great start with his easy sense of humour and the CD swells to life on the first track with his raindrop-like fingerpicking style. His first song, "All Those Winters" is a cautionary tale that recounts the profound lonliness of an old man and his missed opportunities to love deeply. The song evokes shivers with its poignant lyrics and expressed hope for a more richly experienced love in the storyteller's life.

Bill Coleman, an up-and-coming songwriter on the Dublin scene, is the second songwriter featured on the CD and his delicate use of digital effects really sets his performance apart. Powerful, soaring vocals and a dynamic playing style are captured with crystal clarity on the CD. His song, "Sleeping Insane" sings into life with an electronic quirkiness and impassioned singing style.

Young Leegan songstress Veronica Moran graces the CD with verve and strong vocals, accompanied by local guitarist Ross McDonald. Her song, "Just for a Day" is taken from her recently released debut EP "Beyond Broken Images" and shows her in enthusiastic form. Several audience members commented that her voice is reminiscent of a young Sinead O'Connor. Veronica drove straight from her Passing Out ceremony to play on the night and the energy of this talented lady is evident.

Catherine Finerty of Ballymore is an established songwriter with an impressive cannon of material. On the CD her strong writing talent is evident in her songs' singability. "Up in the Air," the seventh track on the CD, is especially catchy and features an impressive vocal performance that ranges from a delicate breathiness to a rough vitality worthy of Sheryl Crowe.

Athlonian Mike Dempsey took the stage at the end of the night with fiddle player Neil Fitzgibbon and, even after two encores, left the crowd wanting more. His passion and skill are truly astonishing and his tracks on the CD sound as if he's singing right beside the listener with Neil's ghostly fiddle floating in from a great distance, like a half-forgotten memory.

This CD is not to be missed both for lovers of music and supporters of local talent. There are a limited number of CDs available, advance copies can be purchased online at as well as at Red Hot Records and Music World.


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